Your Mobile Phone & Coronavirus: What You Need to Know

Your Mobile Phone & Coronavirus: What You Need to Know

The Coronavirus code-named Covid-19 has fast become a worldwide pandemic and is spreading like wildfire. The virus has proven quite tasking to contain because it can be distributed in the most subtle of ways.

While everyone is advised to wash their hands, avoid touching mouths and eyes etc per the “Advice for Public” by WHO; it’s important to not overlook one of the most viable carriers of this virus which is our mobile phones.

Because our mobile phones follow us almost everywhere it’ll be very well in the good not to neglect it while trying to maintain good hygiene to combat the spread of the virus. Studies have proven that the Coronavirus is able to survive on smartphone screens for up to 4 days and that is just about more than enough time for you to come in contact with the virus. This is common sense.

Although Dr Michael Head, Senior Research Fellow in Global Health, University of Southampton downplayed the roles mobile phones play in spreading the virus, it’s better safe than sorry.

In his words;

“There is limited evidence of the spread of infectious disease from mobile phones and other devices.  Various laboratory studies have shown it is certainly theoretically possible, viral loads are detected on the screens.  Ultimately, phones are touched by fewer different people than, for example, a door handle.  So, whilst its important to recognise potential sources of infection, people don’t need to be overly concerned about the phone itself, but make sure they are thoroughly washing and cleaning their hands several times a day.”

The most important thing to do is to however keep good hygiene. Cleaning your phones is also an extra measure you can take to ensure all-around good hygiene. A disinfectant wipe is enough to clean your phone. You can also refer to this article HERE on the apple support page on how to clean your iPhone.

Keep in mind that cleaning your phone won’t amount to anything if you’re not keeping good hygiene which is the most essential thing to do during this period.

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