WhatsApp Dark Mode Missing On Your Phone? Here’s What to Do

Whatsapp Dark Mode

The much-awaited WhatsApp dark mode feature has finally started to roll out for both Android and iOS devices.

The new update focuses on readability and a proper colour combination that would not, of course, stress the eye.

The WhatsApp dark theme is mostly black on iPhones while the android version of the app has a darker grey tweak to it.

I can’t find the dark mode on WhatsApp what do I do?

Well, it appears that the only way to get officially get WhatsApp dark mode on your device is to update your app here via google play store and there on the App Store for iOS.

WhatsApp dark mode is currently only available for iPhones running iOS 13 and later and Android devices on the Android 9 and android 10 platforms.

WhatsApp dark mode will only work on iPhones and Android 10 if your device is on system-wide dark mode settings while for Android 9 devices you’ll have to toggle dark mode settings by adhering to the following steps.

  • Open your WhatsApp
  • Go to settings option
  • Tap on chats and then display
  • Then choose the dark theme option

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