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Are you single? You must not be in a relationship come on and trust me it’s very normal to be single… You don’t think so? Maybe it’s time for you to give it a trial haha don’t get me wrong totally not suggesting a break up yet wouldn’t know how it’s going with you unless you tell me ;)… Straight to the point, are you single? Then here are a few reasons why you should remain single.

1.You just broke up: this is isn’t the right time to jump into another relationship. As there might be gains of having another relationship almost immediately after break up, there are also de-merits of which is to be considered strictly. A rebound relationship can be hurtful for both parties in the short and perhaps long run. I know you loved him/her and there is this intense urge to get over with him/her and move on with your life trust me on this one, getting a rebound relationship is not the solution. It might just as well arouse memories of the immediate past relationship and make put in comparisons of how better or not it is with your present love which is totally unnecessary. Here, the bitterness of the previous relationship still lingers and you will end up not just getting over it as soon as you should. You’ll end up hurting someone or getting hurt in the process and there you go wailing about how miserable love is. Come on Save your heart some other stress and save me some bulls*** too. That’s if I care 😛

Anyways being single is the best precaution to this. Although its not as easy as it sounds, it’s as better as in results. Here you might discover that having sometime alone is really awesome, you have less explanations to do and less pleasing too, no compromises and no hearty arguments. Its time to get back to yourself and make yourself happy without letting someone have to do that for you. Click on page 2 below to continue

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