serial killersWho doesn’t know who a serial killer is, this post wouldn’t bother explaining either. As kids and growing up, most of the movies we saw almost always had a serial killer character and somehow we had been instilled with the notion that these kind of people do not exist just like cartoons. Well, they do live and are human beings too maybe not with a heart you might want to add… Here are our top 10 most dangerous serial killers. Peek the list below –


10. Andrei Chikatilo –  Born October 16, 1936 in Ukraine Andrei was a school teacher. He murdered 56 people of which he confessed to and was found guilty in 1990, he was later executed in 1994.

Andrei went to train stations, became friendly with young people, lured them into a nearby forest where he would attempt rape, afflict them and then kill them. He ate their sexual organs in some cases and took of their eyeballs in a belief that they would not have an image of his face even after death.

“Having been declared sane and fit to stand trial, Chikatilo went to court on April 14, 1992, and throughout the trial he was held in an iron cage designed to keep him apart from the relatives of his many victims. Referred to in the media as “The Maniac”, his behavior in court ranged from bored to manic, singing and talking gibberish; at one point he was even reported as having dropped his trousers, waving his genitals at the assembled crowd.

The judge appeared less than impartial, often overruling Chikatilo’s defense lawyer, and it was clear that Chikatilo’s guilt was a foregone conclusion. The trial lasted until August and, surprisingly, given the judge’s bias, the verdict was not announced until two months later, on October 15, 1990, when Chikatilo was found guilty on 52 of the 53 murder charges, and sentenced to death for each of the murders.”

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