Secret Cults In Africa

9. The Doomsday Cult

The doomsday cult is a sinister transnational cult that has paved its way from the west and Asian world into some African countries including Uganda and South Africa.

This cult seems to incessantly predict the total destruction of the planet earth. The group is gaining grounds because of the supposed knowledge of the chaotic future tendencies that await humans on earth, as well as the possession of the key to be among the group to be saved on that fateful day. If we look at it on the other side, might seem as an indirect way of seeking global power and attention.

The doomsday cult members are usually violent and self-destructive, up to the point of committing suicide. Their leaders are famous for being super hypnotic characters who are not so accommodating of unbelievers or hindrances to be saved at the end of time. There have been cases of induced ‘raptures’ which were pure cases of homicide.

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