Hell naw! it isn’t and you know it. Its alarming and totally gross how much nude picture scandals are flying around the net these days especially from the female folks. First of it makes you look trashy and desperate to be noticed, then you have to deal with the negative attention afterwards and trust me its a stigma that can last a lifetime…. factually, DON’T HAVE NUDES OF YOURSELF OR OTHER PEOPLE ON YOUR PHONE. If you don’t post it, someone else will get your hold of your phone and help you with it. DON’T send your nudes to people either. If you damn well want to know how good you look in your birthday suit,FAM USE YOUR MIRROR!


Being at the other end of a gadget on social media can give a lot of power and you can either use it for good or for bad. Its one thing to use your posts to create a movement, make a statement or give constructive criticism and its another thing to be downright rude and hateful. When u come across a post or comment that you don’t totally agree with [trust me, we won’t all agree on the same things] you just have to approach it with tact and also understand what the person is trying to say. Being on social media, you’ll see different shades of characters and sometimes, no matter how simple, fact-filled or educative you make a post, there are people that find a way to just to give their smart-mouthed remarks, don’t be one of them. And don’t forget that not all posts are meant to be commented on…you just might have to pass on.

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