SOCIAL MEDIA IMAGEThings You Should Stop Doing On Social Media

Social media can be fun and very helpful too, we just can’t deny that it has become part of our everyday life…the post, the pictures,gossips, trends and catching up with friends and stuff, we all want to part of it one way or the other.

Its a sad reality however that even young children have to come to terms with that social media can come with its negative sides and unfortunately it has and will continue to take a toll on people. You don’t want to be under this category of people..

Here are a list of things you should stop doing on social media platforms:-

stalking ex1. STALKING YOUR EX

We all have been guilty of this more or less, but its not so cool…seriously NOT COOL! Firstly, let the past stay where it belongs… in the past. You won’t be doing yourself any good sticking your nose into ‘yesterday’, its a sign that you haven’t moved on and if you do intend to move on with your life,remember you broke up for a reason. checking up on exes business is not advisable. Be it what it may, they got a new job, has a new significant other, they’re happy without you??? it all doesn’t matter. Move forward and get on with your life.

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