Tekno comes through with his trademark style of music on this record, “Duro” and I don’t know what you think about it yet but here’s the drill.

Without mincing words, Iyanya and Tekno are the only two peculiar arts under Triple MG and with time, I am sure Tekno will come to prove how relevant he can be in the Nigerian music scene. Duro follows the Tekno tradition of verse and hooks delivery and by now anyone would be able to identify any new record of Tekno’s even when the beat just comes on.

I’ve heard many critics bash Tekno on constant repetition of the same style of music and beats, are you serious? what’s wrong with repeating, perhaps tweaking same verbs if they’ll still give a distinction in different exams.

Duro is not too fantastic though but it’s good music. Perfect for the Nigerian audience, lyrics very friendly and easy to relate to and the beats perfectly laced by DJ Coublon. You can’t help but love Tekno’s new jam. Download here.

Tekno – Duro = 7/10

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