Harmattan in NigeriaHarmattan in Nigeria

Living in Nigeria during harmattan can be very tasking. It’s quite unfortunate that when it’s winter in the western world the dusty wind from Sahara chooses to send down it’s particles to the western coast of Africa. What can we do, ENJOY it!

Harmattan in Nigeria starts from the month of November and ends by March/April… Of course these periods are just estimations.

Aside’s from the fact it doesn’t rain during harmattan, it would have been my best season, hehe that’s why its harmattan sha! Anyways, in the spirit of the dryness the air brings during this period we thought it be fun and perhaps needful to serve you with a few tips on ways to handle harmattan in Nigeria even if you already know, reading wouldn’t hurt 🙂 Check below:-

7. Avoid Skimpy clothing – hello girls? and boys? when you barely dress up, you are exposing your body to dryness and dust. And not forgetting, the cold that comes along with the season. It could cause a little more stress for us when we refuse to adhere to this. This is not time to show off your skin at least you should know that the dust isn’t meant to be showing off on our skins either. Receive sense dear!


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