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Friday Day Night special! Top 3 places to take her on a Date


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I love Fridays’! I mean who doesn’t and that’s just exactly why you need Friday Night date ideas… It’s the end of a very long stressful week and if there’s anything you should be doing tonight then it should be having fun!.. Or maybe hanging out with your partner in his/her fav spot! Now that sounds fun right? Yeah I know, so here’s a simple list of 3 places we think might suite you and your partner best on a Friday night. You already know this or not so this is for you…

The club

If this is your first date then she might likely decline and I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to take her to the club on your first date. The impression would totally be: getting her drunk and getting laid… And come on with all the loud music you guys could barely have a sensible/ heart to heart convo that is if you don’t have the latter in mind after all. Well the club could be perfect for the 2nd or 3rd date as the case maybe…n you and your partner must have gotten to know each other a bit and by now you should be able to ascertain if she would love to go to the club with you or not … And even if you don’t? Then give it a shot … Might be one of those nights of your life 😉 You totally agree with me? Click on page 2 below to continue…

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