Of course it’s worth all the buzz here are a few features of the IOS 9 that you probably don’t know about yet.
culled from The Verge see below:-

Phone Number Lookup

In IOS 9, your iPhone can pull data from the native Mail app to suggest who might be calling when an unknown call comes in. The same works for outgoing calls: the other day I dug around in my email to find a phone number for someone who wasn’t in my Contacts, and later on noticed in the outgoing call log that the phone had correctly identified who the person was with a “Maybe” in front of her name.

Searching Settings

The settings menu on iOS has always been a chore to navigate, but with iOS 9 you finally won’t have to suffer through three, four, or five taps just to do something simple like manage your location services. One quick swipe down from the top of the settings menu lets you search for any one of the myriad settings that are typically buried, meaning you can get back to texting or scrolling through Twitter faster than ever.
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