6 Amazing Apps To Make Your Love Life StrongerLove is never easy to maintain. Despite this, you should make efforts to spice up your love life. There are so many ways to do this. Hurray, technology can help! There are now apps that can assist you to make your love life stronger and better. These apps are awesome ways to get both of you closer. You can download the apps on either Android or iPhone. Thank us later! 🙂

Romantic idea 500

Out of romantic ideas? Then you should download this app. It has 500 free romantic ideas to strengthen or boost your relationships.


You are really enjoying your love that you don’t want to ever forget. You can use Couple create a history of your love life. It should mainly feature all the beautiful moments you had together. You can also use the app for chatting and video calls.

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Wrong Ways to Ask Out A Nigerian Guy

Nigerian men are proud men and sometimes do not appreciate a lady taking the bold step to come “toast” them especially in the presence of their friends. Some of them consider these type of women too bold for comfort or cheap. Both of which do not count if they girl really means it or if you like her at first sight.
However, to women trying to ask guys out, you don’t have to it like these:

1. Hit on him when he’s in a committed relationship

This one could work out well for you… but do you want it to? It’ll also tell you a lot about him. Either he’s not interested, or he’s willing to cheat on whoever his current girlfriend or wife is. Eventually, that might be you someday.

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Cheating boyfriend

Ways To Stop Your Man From Cheating

I know you shouldn’t have to keep your man from cheating. But preventative medicine never hurt anybody. I always say that to some degree men are just as faithful as their options. If you leave a man with fewer options, he is less likely to cheat on you.

1. Give him some good love – If a man knows he can get it better at home he won’t be so anxious to find it somewhere else. Obviously this is a two way street and you should expect him to give you good love too. When I say love I don’t mean sex only. I mean treating each other with care.

2. Know his friends – No man in a relationship really has any business out on his own. If he goes anywhere, he’s rolling with his friends. If his friends know that you are the business, they will make sure he doesn’t make any mistakes.

Watch out for the ex-girlfriends. Hooking up with an ex doesn’t feel like cheating to a lot of guys especially if they have children together and your relationship with that person is new. You probably won’t win over the ex-girlfriend like you can with the friends, but you can talk to your man and find out his feelings on her.

Inline image 1

February is the month of Love! Everyone should be excited and look forward to making it a special and unforgettable day for their spouses. However, for some people, it’s a disaster waiting to happen. These individuals evolve different tactics to ensure that they avoid taking their spouse shopping or giving them a luxurious treat at a five-star hotel in Lagos.

If you are a lady with your heart setting on celebrating Valentine’s Day but aren’t sure whether your man is cut out for it,, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shines the light on  some signs to watch out for.


Finds fault in everything you do

He compliments your cooking, tells you how beautiful you are, allows you to pass the night at the weekend and doesn’t mind where you keep your things. If however, he abruptly turns the corner and make you feel like a stranger, your sixth sense should tell you that he wants to get rid of you before that special day.

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Valentine's day idea for couple

Valentine is just a few days away and couples are holding their breath. On this day, the uncontrollable blushing, the tears of joy, the overwhelming smile, the depth of gratitude and the gripping affection guarantees you a special place in the heart of the person you love.

If you are searching for creative ways to impress your spouse,, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal is here to help as we roll out 6 valentine’s day ideas just for you!

valentine’s day ideas for couples

Write an open letter on why you love your spouse

Have you been with your partner for months, but are yet to tell him or her how you feel? This coming valentine is your opportunity. Get a polished book and pen reasons why you are smitten by your partner. Do not forget to share fond memories you have had together. Do not focus on their shortcomings but let your respect and love for them show. You will be shocked by their reaction.

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When you are in love you’ll know but when you think you’re in love?? Umm oh well these 13 signs will help you get out of your confusion… Read below:-

1.It Is Always About You?

Self-absorbed people and vain people have a lot of trouble loving another person. They may feel a lot of affection for another person, and may even feel that the other person is their “one,” but they find it hard to be in love with somebody. When you are in love, you put the other person before yourself. You would take a bullet for that person and give them your lungs because they take your breath away. If you are self-absorbed or self-obsessed, you are probably not in love.

2. Wandering Eyes And Fantasy Are Okay, But Do They Happen Every Time?

Get this right and get it straight. If you or your man has wandering #eyes, then it is okay. It is okay to #read the menu, so long as you eat at home. The same is actually “more” true of men. A man can spend his day looking at #beautifulwomen, but by the time he has gotten home, he will not remember a single one of them. The Dennis Prager University did a very good piece on this called “He Wants You,” where they referenced scientific studies that proved men are genetically driven to look at other women, and also that within seconds he will not be able to recollect anything about her.
What is more shocking is that fantasy is okay too. Fantasies that include you having sex with other people are okay. That even includes if you fantasize that your man is another man whilst having sex. Fantasy is actually one of the few psychological tools we have to prevent perversion (seriously, look it up!). But, if you “have” to fantasize every time you have sex with your #partner, or if you spend most of your time thinking about other people rather than him, then there is a good chance you are not in love with him. (Or the sex is so bad you’re disinterested!)

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Giving up

Hello there! It might be sad to have to know this but it’s a good thing you are aware to know the direction your relationship is moving.

Often times men just become blind to these early signs and that’s why it’s thought worthy to be addressed.

Hold up! seeing or noticing these signs doesn’t mean you should give up on the relationship too. It simply means that you should do something about it! I didn’t have to tell you that cos I would have assumed you already know but in any case let’s check out the 6 subtle signs that shows she is giving up on your relationship. There maybe more but…

1. She Is Irritable Often

It is time to stop blaming it on that time of the month. If she is short and snappy with you, she is upset about something.

Irritability can be excused from time to time, but you need to be aware of how long her short fuse is lasting. Most men like to avoid confrontation, but that will be the silent killer of your relationship. You want to sit her down and get to the cause of what is setting off her sensor.

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dating habits

…Often times relationships blessed with longevity become a routine in no time and when partners fail to grow up and get over some stupid habits it takes a huge toll on the relationship. With the belief of the longer the better, it is necessary you get familiar with these 8 super immature dating habits… Read Below –

1. The “let’s just see where this goes” technique.

As you reach your 30s, and definitely after you hit them, women are past the point of wasting their time with guys who aren’t serious about a future. Women are driven, successful, independent, and want to be with a man who they can consider an equal teammate in life and in love.

The whole “I’m still figuring life out” thing isn’t going to cut it with a mature, established woman. Trust me, I know better than anyone that life is tough and a lot of us probably have no idea what the hell we’re doing.

It’s not about having all of the answers — because nobody does — but it’s about having some semblance of a path in life that will make her feel comfortable committing to you for the long run. Nobody wants to plan a future with someone who doesn’t have a future planned for themselves. Kindly continue on page 2 below 

Relationship Talks You Should Have with Your Boyfriend


If you’re casually dating, then there’s no reason to bring up serious matters, like marriage and children. However, if you’re in a serious relationship that you truly believe will last, you should sit your partner down and discuss some important issues. After all, if you’re together forever, you’re going to have to talk about these affairs at some point, and sooner is better than later. So if you’ve been with the love of your life for a while, here are a few relationships talks that you should definitely have with him:


If you have no desire to have kids, but you find out that your partner has always dreamt of being a dad, you could have a huge problem. That’s why it’s important for you to ask him about his opinion on children. Even if you two both agree that you’ll have kids at some point, there’s a lot more to discuss. You need to ask him if he plans on quitting his job to stay home with the kids, if he wants to raise them into a certain religion, and how he plans on disciplining them.

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