Of Course everyone wants to be successful unless stated otherwise which rarely have been the case. Among-st its very many attributes, I’d like to say that success is a very attractive virtue. If you want to be attractive or permit me to say sexy yeah then success should be you most sought after virtue.

Well I hope that by now you know that there are probably 13 things or more that are stopping you from being successful and oh well, Lauren Chadwick of All Women Stalk helps us narrow these factors down to 13. Read Below:-

Sense of entitlement: Not everybody has super-rich parents or a family tree charting back to William the Conqueror and 1066 AD. You may think you’re way smarter or talented than everybody else, but until you’ve proven yourself, a sense of entitlement just gets in the way of your success. Kindly continue on page 2 below


Most times men get into the pressure of settling down and having a woman customized to their own name and demands. The hurry and pressure and all other contingencies accompanied with this stage actually goes a long way in determining the nearest future of this life long undertaken.


Nigerians year in year out are used to the fact that there are lack of jobs in the country  or rather bluntly presented as unemployment. Youths lament year in year out about scarcity of jobs when they are done with their education or in between.

Actually the truth still lies but there are companies in various sectors which employ qualified individuals year in year out and you might wanna consider giving ’em a trial. Check them out below:-

1. Education

2. Oil and Gas

3. Sales

4. NGO

5. Customer Service