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Wrong Ways to Ask Out A Nigerian Guy

Nigerian men are proud men and sometimes do not appreciate a lady taking the bold step to come “toast” them especially in the presence of their friends. Some of them consider these type of women too bold for comfort or cheap. Both of which do not count if they girl really means it or if you like her at first sight.
However, to women trying to ask guys out, you don’t have to it like these:

1. Hit on him when he’s in a committed relationship

This one could work out well for you… but do you want it to? It’ll also tell you a lot about him. Either he’s not interested, or he’s willing to cheat on whoever his current girlfriend or wife is. Eventually, that might be you someday.

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Cheating boyfriend

Ways To Stop Your Man From Cheating

I know you shouldn’t have to keep your man from cheating. But preventative medicine never hurt anybody. I always say that to some degree men are just as faithful as their options. If you leave a man with fewer options, he is less likely to cheat on you.

1. Give him some good love – If a man knows he can get it better at home he won’t be so anxious to find it somewhere else. Obviously this is a two way street and you should expect him to give you good love too. When I say love I don’t mean sex only. I mean treating each other with care.

2. Know his friends – No man in a relationship really has any business out on his own. If he goes anywhere, he’s rolling with his friends. If his friends know that you are the business, they will make sure he doesn’t make any mistakes.

Watch out for the ex-girlfriends. Hooking up with an ex doesn’t feel like cheating to a lot of guys especially if they have children together and your relationship with that person is new. You probably won’t win over the ex-girlfriend like you can with the friends, but you can talk to your man and find out his feelings on her.


Facebook is the biggest social media network in the world. With over a billion followers, many people can barely survive a day without visiting the platform. It is now an important component in our lives. It has bridged the communication gap and provide real-time news unlike the past when traditional media was hugely relied upon for information dissemination.

Today, both Facebook (social media) and traditional media go pari-passu. Although Facebook has become a key feature in our lives, there is so much to know about the platform., Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares 5 proven facts you did not know about Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook.

350 million photos are uploaded daily

According to a research carried out by Nokia, over 350 million photos are posted on Facebook daily. In addition, as at last year December, more than 250 billion images have been uploaded also. In other words, 4,000 pictures are posted every second. An incredible feat for a company barely five years old.

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Afrikaner Broederbond

10. Afrikaner Broederbond

Afrikaner Brotherhood is a secret society that was popularized during the apartheid regime in South Africa. The group is aimed at maintaining and upholding the interest of the Afrikaans in South Africa. Their motto was “Wees Sterk” which meant “Be Strong”.

From 1948-1994, The Afrikaner brothers have become the most powerful group in South African politics and government. It is a fact that all the leaders of the country at that time in history were all members of this secret group. This substantiates the Calvinist view that they have been “planted in South Africa by the God” in order to run the affairs of the country and particularly deliver them from apathy.

The Afrikaner Brotherhood, whose motivation were based on the concept of predestination, largely influenced the socio-political lives of South Africans. The internal membership activities and requirements aside being an Afrikaan and up to the age of 25, remains a secret. Potential and qualified candidates are secretly invited. The emergence of this group can also be linked to the Boer War in South Africa.

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A blog post by Instagram officially confirmed the evolution of the photo sharing network with a brand new look, feel and logo.

instagram new logo

The info reads;

Today we’re introducing a new look. You’ll see an updated icon and app design for Instagram. Inspired by the previous app icon, the new one represents a simpler camera and the rainbow lives on in gradient form.

You’ll also see updated icons for our other creative apps: Layout, Boomerang and Hyperlapse.

We’ve made improvements to how the app looks on the inside as well. The simpler design puts more focus on your photos and videos without changing how you navigate the app.

The Instagram community has evolved over the past five years from a place to share filtered photos to so much more — a global community of interests sharing more than 80 million photos and videos every day. Our updated look reflects how vibrant and diverse your storytelling has become.

Cheers to the new Instagram!

Life! There exist a thousand and one opinions about life and all of them seem to have some iota of fact in them. While these opinions might vary, there are just  very outstanding truths that cannot be argued by any sane human being.

These truths are what are enlisted below for you take a full acknowledgement of incase you might have been wondering.

Get it on below, all the 5 truths about life that you should know.

Truths About Life

1. Your problems, you fix them.

Stop looking at others to fix your problems or your messes. You made them, you know how they started, you fix them and clean them up. No one has the answers for you, no matter how many people you ask. And no one knows what is the best fix for you or what is right for you. Only you do. Don’t wait for that magical person to fix your problems. That person is you.

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 ways your Phone can Save your Life

We get to appreciate what our phones can do for us when we are in situations where our phones become our saviour in very desperate situations.

Below are ways your Phone can Save your Life.

p1Send text when you cannot call

Why send a text message when you can make a call? But there are some places in Nigeria where  communication network  is unstable and always fluctuating. Hence, you have no choice than to result to text message to reach whoever you want to call.

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great things in Nigeria

With the economic downturn, money has never seemed more important to Nigerians as it is today. Everyone is concerned about money: how to get it, how to spend it, where to spend it, and how to save it. No doubt money is important – it allows us to do and have more things than we can without it – and has become a vital element in our lives but the fact remains that some of the best things in life are free.

Nigeria, as a country, offers a number of assets to treasure…and these, money cannot buy. From a rich heritage to a public holiday every October 1st,, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking portal, has come up with 5 important things Nigeria  offers it people for free.


A rich heritage

Nigeria has a rich and peculiar heritage that is shared by every single citizen of the country.  With  multiple ethnic groups, the country hosts diverse cultures  embodied in over 250 ethnic groups and expressed in about 521 languages.

Nigerians not only benefit from the knowledge gained from these customs and tradition; they are imbued with a way of life that ensures that they excel in almost any other part of the world. They also have a variety in terms of cuisines and the traditional attires feed the fashion industry of today.

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 Popular Nigerian Musicians Who Died

Death is inevitable as they say and human beings can’t help but answer the call whenever the time is right. Today we are serving you with a list of 8 popular Nigerian musicians who died before the age of 40.


8. Zara Gretti

Zara died in her prime after a battle with multiple sclerosis. Born Margret Oluwatoyin Ejiro Joseph, Zara died at the age of 28.

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Tools To Help you Build your Own Website

Tools To Help you Build your Own Website

The era of relying heavily on website designers to design and build a website has significantly declined. This is partly due to the fact that there are several online tools that can now help you build a website with little cost. Hence, rather than being dependent on website programmers, you can save some cash by building a decent-looking web page with little or no knowledge and, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares 5 tools that can help you build a website.


WordPress is arguably the most popular website builder in the world. You can either use the free version or the paid one. Anyone you decide to use, there are many templates, themes, and plugins that can be downloaded for free or purchase at a premium one. WordPress is very easy to learn and you can design it yourself with the array of templates.

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