lemon juiceThe most popular use of lemons is to make fresh, sweet lemonade. Besides this, there are other things you can use lemon juice for especially in your home. Here are some of the surprising and interesting things that lemon juice can function.

Make your blonde shiny

Lighter-colored hair strands, squeeze two to three lemons and evenly apply the juice on the ends of your hair. It will make your hair especially if it is blonde shiny.

Wipe your microwave

If your microwave is unclean, you can combine water, vinegar, and chopped-up lemon in a bowl, then place it in the machine and microwave for a few minutes until the inside is steamy. Allow it cool, then wipe down the interior with a damp cloth.

Prevent veggies from browning

To prevent browning, soak cut fruits and vegetables like apples, pears, fennel, and potatoes in water with a squeeze of lemon juice. This is a good way to preserve these veggies from spoiling.

Remove dead skin

Mix yoghurt, honey, a few teaspoons of lemon juice, and salt to make a DIY mask that will help you get rid of dead skin. Leave the mask on for a couple of minutes, then scrub gently before washing off.

Clean your toilet

Rub half a lemon juice mixed with salt around the inside of your toilet bowl. Then after cleaning for 5 to 10 minutes, you can then flush it. It will be sparkling clean.

Everyday Habits That Are Risky To Your HealthHabits are like glue. When it gets stuck, it either becomes indelible or takes forever to remove. This is why it’s not advisable to allow a habit overwhelm you because it requires painstaking efforts to abandon. If you, however, continue with these habits, it will affect your health and general well being over time. Read them up below: –

Sitting all day

Since jobs are now performed mostly with computers in the 21st century, it is possible that you will sit in front of it for hours without taking breaks. This is not good because the longer you sit, the more you are susceptible to heart diseases. Therefore, the import of breaks can’t be overemphasized.

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hings That Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Tongue DailyYou brush your teeth daily. It is as white as snow. However, you don’t clean your tongue because you always forget. This is not good as you may be at risk of some mouth diseases. Brushing your teeth is therefore as important as flossing your tongue. This is because bacteria are oftentimes lurking around the tongue and the only way you can get rid of them is to brush. See 5 things that usually happens if you don’t clean your tongue.


Halitosis is also known as bad breath and it is one of the biggest consequences of not cleaning your tongue. When you don’t clean your tongue, the bacteria builds a house on it, lives there and if it stays longer than usual, it will give off a foul smell. If you have bad breath, you will discover that no one wants to talk to you.

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 Stretch Marks During PregnancyWhen a woman is pregnant, a lot of changes happen to her body. One of such changes is the appearance of stretch marks. For some women, it is only when they are pregnant these marks appear while for others they don’t have to be pregnant. Although stretch marks are very easy to get, they are not difficult to get rid of. The only thing women fear is the stigma, especially from men. Some men say that they dislike stretch marks. Below are 5 ways to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

Keep your body hydrated

Your body needs to be hydrated for maximum skin elasticity. Skin elasticity is the skin’s ability to stretch and then go back to normal. So, drinking between 8 and 12 cups of water daily can help skin elasticity and thus prevent these stretch marks. Generally, it is not good for pregnant women to be dehydrated.

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6 surprising Signs Your Eyes Reveals about Your HealthThe role the eyes plays in your life can’t be overemphasized. One of such roles is alerting you about your health status. So if anything changes in your eyes, you immediately take notice. It may not be just any change. These eye problems may be alerting you to some crucial health conditions that you must not ignore. Try to pay attention to these signs.


Jaundice is very common in common in newborn babies. It causes the yellowing of the skin and whitening of the eyes. It can also happen to adults. If jaundice doesn’t disappear within a reasonable period, it may be a sign of liver issues.

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Artificial IntelligenceThe next big thing in the technology world is artificial intelligence (AI). Big tech organisations like Apple and Google are aggressively investing in AI. Google has been partnering Oxford University to expand Artificial Intelligence. Some examples of everyday AI include iPhone Siri and Microsoft Windows 10 Cortana.

Before going further, it will not be out of place to define AI. Wikipedia simply describes AI as ‘intelligence exhibited by machine”. It further explained that the term AI is applied when a machine mimics cognitive functions that humans associate with other human minds such as learning and problem solving. Now AI is trending. Below are 5 things you should know about AI as it would soon become an important part of our daily life just like social media.

AI was coined in 1956

The first ever mention of AI was in 1956. John McCarthy was famously quoted at a conference at Dartmouth College, in Hanover, New Hampshire as saying: ‘As soon as it works, no one calls it Artificial Intelligence.” Since its mention, AI has pretty much been evolving to become a popular phenomenon today.

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5 Things You Must Have Lied About On The Internet Since nobody is physically present to observe or regulate what you are doing online or on the internet, it has become a free for all. A platform where you can do whatever you like. Very few internet users self-regulate themselves. This is why it is easier for people to lie on the internet. Below are a list of things you and your peers must have lied about on the internet.

Biographical information

Biographical information is a holistic description of yourself. It includes your name, where you reside, language and other basic information. Perhaps, we don’t want to waste time when filling out forms or signing up on social media, we simply enter incorrect information including a fake email.


Some persons lie about what they are interested in. They want to paint a positive picture of themselves online, so they prefer to lie about their interest. You may not be interested in skiing and bowling but because it is a requirement, you just say you are. What will you do when you are invited for an interview and they ask you to ski or bowl?

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6 Amazing Apps To Make Your Love Life StrongerLove is never easy to maintain. Despite this, you should make efforts to spice up your love life. There are so many ways to do this. Hurray, technology can help! There are now apps that can assist you to make your love life stronger and better. These apps are awesome ways to get both of you closer. You can download the apps on either Android or iPhone. Thank us later! 🙂

Romantic idea 500

Out of romantic ideas? Then you should download this app. It has 500 free romantic ideas to strengthen or boost your relationships.


You are really enjoying your love that you don’t want to ever forget. You can use Couple create a history of your love life. It should mainly feature all the beautiful moments you had together. You can also use the app for chatting and video calls.

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Android 7.0 Nougat for Samung Galaxy

South Korean tech giant, Samsung has finally started rolling out the latest Android 7.0 Nougat update to its devices.
The heavily flawed S7 and the S7 edge have already started receiving the Nougat updates while others will have to wait a little while for the update to hit their devices.

A list however was made available by the company stating mobile phones that would be next in line for the Android 7.0.

Check the confirmed list of Samsung devices to receive the Android 7.0 Nougat update below: – 

1. Galaxy S6

2. Galaxy S6 Edge 

3. Galaxy S6 Edge Plus 

4. Galaxy Note 5

5. Galaxy Tab A with S Pen

6. Galaxy Tab S2 (LTE Unlock)

7. Galaxy A3

8. Galaxy A8 

The updates are expected to come between now and June 2017. 

Other Samsung devices might be added to the list but as for now. These 8 devices including the S7 and S7 Edge will receive the Nougat update. 

Harmattan in NigeriaHarmattan in Nigeria

Living in Nigeria during harmattan can be very tasking. It’s quite unfortunate that when it’s winter in the western world the dusty wind from Sahara chooses to send down it’s particles to the western coast of Africa. What can we do, ENJOY it!

Harmattan in Nigeria starts from the month of November and ends by March/April… Of course these periods are just estimations.

Aside’s from the fact it doesn’t rain during harmattan, it would have been my best season, hehe that’s why its harmattan sha! Anyways, in the spirit of the dryness the air brings during this period we thought it be fun and perhaps needful to serve you with a few tips on ways to handle harmattan in Nigeria even if you already know, reading wouldn’t hurt 🙂 Check below:-

7. Avoid Skimpy clothing – hello girls? and boys? when you barely dress up, you are exposing your body to dryness and dust. And not forgetting, the cold that comes along with the season. It could cause a little more stress for us when we refuse to adhere to this. This is not time to show off your skin at least you should know that the dust isn’t meant to be showing off on our skins either. Receive sense dear!