tips to make monday your favourite day of the week

Mondays! arghhh! We can never get ready enough for them, of course the weekend ended so fast and we can only wish for a repeat or an extension for the weekend. Sadly it doesn’t work that way, time waits for no one at all… But here’s some good news for you of course I love to share good news lol. Anyways do you know you can atually make Monday your favourite day of the week? It’s no joke, this works for me and am pretty sure it will do just same for you.

Daffnee Cohen lists 9 tips to make Monday your favourite day of the week and it’s only right we pass you this piece of info. Read below-

1. Do something weekend-ish today

Go to happy hour, meet a friend (you don’t work with) for lunch, have game night, go on a date or go to a fun event like a movie or festival. Our brains get in extreme Monday mode and we overdo our efforts to get “caught up” and be super efficient. On Monday, do something you would normally reserve for weekends. Your Monday brain may go into shock, but you’ll be proud.

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