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…Often times relationships blessed with longevity become a routine in no time and when partners fail to grow up and get over some stupid habits it takes a huge toll on the relationship. With the belief of the longer the better, it is necessary you get familiar with these 8 super immature dating habits… Read Below –

1. The “let’s just see where this goes” technique.

As you reach your 30s, and definitely after you hit them, women are past the point of wasting their time with guys who aren’t serious about a future. Women are driven, successful, independent, and want to be with a man who they can consider an equal teammate in life and in love.

The whole “I’m still figuring life out” thing isn’t going to cut it with a mature, established woman. Trust me, I know better than anyone that life is tough and a lot of us probably have no idea what the hell we’re doing.

It’s not about having all of the answers — because nobody does — but it’s about having some semblance of a path in life that will make her feel comfortable committing to you for the long run. Nobody wants to plan a future with someone who doesn’t have a future planned for themselves. Kindly continue on page 2 below 

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