Recently, Nigerian states inaugurated new governors which where voted in by their respective states.

Here at INFOLITED, we decided to make a list of 7 most handsome Nigerian governors for your knowing delight. 🙂

Dr Samuel Ortom
Dr Samuel Ortom

7. Samuel Ortom (Benue state): 51 year old governor of Benue state, a businessman, farmer, politician, industrialist, philanthropist etc. Dr Samuel was unable to further his education due his father’s inability to afford his tuition fees past secondary school.

In a bid to carter for himself, he made his way into the Gboko Motor Park and made some peanuts as a taut before he met someone who taught him how to drive and further helped him obtain a drivers license. He became a professional driver and soon after on recommendation became the driver and confidant of a prominent Gboko-based Christian leader and politician, Pa Samu Ihugh… Dr Samuel is a Christian.

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