Igbo men are known to have a very good eye for money and have always strived through rough edges to achieve this feet.
Talk about the biggest businesses, investments and an eye for a prospective success in a particular field of business then your talking about an Igbo man 🙂 OK this is meant to be fun though, so let’s take a look at the top characteristics of a typical Igbo business man.

1. Accent: well you all know the funny and yet jolly accent  of an Igbo business man. These set of men tend to adopt a particular style of English which is now widely identified as the typical accent of an Igbo business man. The accent invention per say started with the early Igbo business men who where illiterates but needed to communicate in English so they compromised and improvised giving birth to the accent we now add to their trademark.

2. Dressing: the dressing of an Igbo business man is a far cry from what his bank account is saying about him. You can easily ignore a shabbily dressed Igbo business man on the streets till you know what he’s capable off. He has other ways of showing off and his dressing is definitely not one of them. Exceptions are only when he dresses in the Igbo native attire.

3. Pot Belly: a belly struggling to see the light from an over sized shirt is another character these Igbo business men possess. The Igbo business man never trades an evening of chilling with friends in a beer parlor for anything. And this takes effect on the poor belly who has no choice but consume plenty bottles of beer effortlessly.

4. His mobile phone: a rickety looking old mobile phone begging for change is the likeliest of phones in his possession. He takes no interest in flashy mobile gadgets and will only change to a simple mobile phone if the previous damages beyond repair.

5. His Cars: a typical Igbo business man changes his cars more than he changes his ward rope. He loves very sophisticated machines (cars) and will stop at nothing to always get the latest them all. A fleet of cars and garage looking like a dealership.

Are we missing any one? tell us with the comment box below 😉

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