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“It’s not you, it’s me”…almost everyone has had to deal with that phrase at some point in their lives.

Ending a relationship and living through a heartbreak is inevitable…one of the perks of having a soul. However, the process in itself can be a chore, given all the possible ways it can go terribly wrong.

Most people resort to the modern practice of doing the deed via text (which is not so cool) or they just keep mute,  hoping the relationship will someday fizzle into non-existence, however some who are more mature prefer to handle the situation face to face.

While a confrontation is surely the best move, having the perfect location lessens the blow and certainly makes life a lot easier. If you are in Lagos and are looking for the best spot to put an end to a relationship or engagement, Jovago has got you covered.

Here are our picks for the best places break-up with someone in Lagos


A fancy hospital located in Lagos is a good spot for a break-up, for example Reddington.

Call your mate to meet-up at the hospital, make sure you frame it as just a friendly visit, the randomness of the request will throw him or her off the scent of a potential break-up. When they eventually show up, restrict yourself to the reception or areas without surgical tools lying around and then make your confession.

While it may seem irrational, breaking up in a hospital can definitely make the process smooth and easy. The ‘dumpee’ will be surrounded by the sick and unhealthy which will help them put things in perspective – they might have been ditched and their hearts broken, but they are still healthy and alive.

Also, if the breakup completely overwhelms them and they suffer from extreme panic attack or collapse, there will be plenty of cute doctors or nurses to help make that transition smoother.

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