Can you ever make a monkey believe that strawberries are sweeter than bananas? (Though I personally have never encountered strawberries sweeter than bananas, but that is how the saying goes). No you can’t, so how do you convince your partner that your relationship is dwelling in toxicity and that is well, fatal? Or how do you ever discover if the relationship is toxic? First things first, toxic relationships are of poisonous words and venomous actions. Forgive the exaggeration but they are sure to make you feel lost and never into the relationship to cherish it. Just in it to make it work. And well why do the relationships get toxic? When you either love too much or too less, there is little else that can happen to your relationship and so it gets toxic. Here are 12 dangerous signs that you are in a toxic relationship. Recognize and revise, like seriously, what’s about being with a partner who is not even a partner anymore.

12. You are mine. No questions asked

you are mine

A certain level of rights on one another might be the secret to a perfect relationship but claiming someone as your own altogether? And well, by claiming I certainly don’t mean in the mush mush talking affairs but more in a sense of action. Is it right to give up on your individuality for a person who would never care of giving you your own space? If you feel it is, go ahead. But then trust me this relationship would suffocate more than make you live.

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