NaturalistaWhether you’re new, transitioning, giving it a thought or already in the game, being a naturalista is no cup of tea, from hair care and maintenance, getting weird looks and answering awkward questions to finding the right products and sticking to them…..Clueless??? we’ve made a list of 10 things every naturalista should own to help you care for and maintain your natural hair while you enjoy your awesome journey.



We know that moisture is the no 1 essential ingredient for natural hair to thrive and remain beautiful, bearing that in mind, every naturalista should own a spray bottle to containing water and other natural moisturizing mixtures to revive dry hair and keep hair looking alive and beautiful. This is also essential during styling to avoid running back and forth to the bathroom to wet your hair while getting you wet in the process.


These things will make your styling life a lot easier, no heat needed. Hair pins whether bobby pins or big fancy pins are a natural girl’s best friend in terms of styling and holding hair in place. Ranging from up dos, side parts, single and multiple buns and what not’s, with hair pins, you have nothing to be afraid of. African threading is another ideal way to ensure good styling through its ability to stretch hair and make it more manageable and open to diverse styles. Roller sets are of different types and they have their different functions, these help with twists and curls while also stretching the hair although you might not achieve as much stretch as you would with threading.


Emphasis on “works for you” because every hair type is different, as well as porosity levels and hair textures. It’s cool to play around with products in the beginning, experiment and find out what works for you, most of all its important to research, read product reviews, find out your hair type and supposed product that works for it. There are different types of leave-in conditioners, some are protein enriched while some are not, many of them have long lists of promises, expectations are high and most don’t even deliver… but its most important to check for leave-in conditioners that are water-based (key for hydration) with natural ingredients, no harsh chemicals as these will interfere with your hair’s natural state and bring about damage.

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