With the notion that you are well mature enough to assimilate this bit of information, here are 10 things every African Man wants in Bed as culled from AfricaCradle.

Rare is the man who demands acrobatic po-rno stunts and a closet filled with ball gags and leather whips. Sure, those men exist, and if that’s your cup of kink, go for it. But the truth is, most guys are a little more predictable in their bedroom proclivities. We just want a se’x life that’s a little spicy, a little sweet, and still occasionally surprising. Easy enough, right? Sure it is! To make the bedroom a se’xual sanctuary, here are the things dudes desire most.

1. To See You Take Initiative

We’re happy to make the first move, and if you don’t, we will. But it’s so much more rewarding when we know how eager you are. Because no matter how much you seem to enjoy the heat, if you never light the match, we have to wonder if you don’t secretly prefer the cold.

2. S’exy Lingerie

We know you mostly wear it to turn us on, and we really, really appreciate it – even if we seem to barely notice as we rip it off and toss it on the floor.

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