“Everybody Lies”, as rightly said again and again by Hugh Laurie in his television series House M.D. Lying is the basic part of the human philosophy, the only variably being about what. Everybody, literally every single human being, lies at least once in his lifetime. Some lies are small, some are big. Some lies are more significant than others.

Lying comes as naturally to some of us as perhaps breathing. In some cases lying is a part of a defense mechanism usually employed to save oneself from a situation. In some others, it is a mental condition due to which the person becomes a compulsive liar.

People have been lying since the beginning of time. We lie every day to people. We lie to our families, our loved ones, our friends, our teachers, and to random people as well. Most of the time, human beings lie because it is beneficial for them, in one way or the other.

In modern times, lying has become an indispensable part of our lives. It is probably the reason why most people have trust issues. Often, we no longer even think once before lying. Politicians lie when they make false promises to people. Insurance firms lie when they sell you policies that would rarely actually help you in times of need just to scrape more money off you. Product sellers lie about the benefits of the products they sell.  Ask yourself this: What is your reply when you’re late for a meeting or a plan you’d made with someone and they ask you “Where are you?” You reply “almost there”, when often you’re still getting ready, deciding what to wear. We all do it. But, how can you judge if a person is lying or being honest? Here are a few tips what will help you in deciding:


10. Changes in breathing

Often, when someone is lying, their breathing changes and becomes heavier than normal. Basically, it becomes heavier because when they are lying, their blood flow and along with that, their heart rate changes. This causes them to feel breathless. How breathless they feel exactly, varies from situation to situation and person to person. The body experiences these changes because the mind feels tense and nervous. Thus, the more confidently a person lies, the easier it is for him to conceal the heavy breathing or breathlessness.

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