“Oh my God! I got a sore nose. I dropped my I phone 6 on it while texting last night!”

Yeah right, maybe it should have fallen on your upper lip and you’d have saved the cost for a lip job. Nevertheless that is for sure not the most negative health impact technology can have on you. It’s hardly a negative health impact… read on how horrible can technology be for your health and you’ll realize the not so shaped septum is just only the most ignorable thing to happen to you. No matter how many friends is Facebook giving you, no matter how many followers you have on twitter, I’d still advise get off it now… like NOW!

10. Blackberry Thumb: Tendonitis and all

So as much as you’d laugh off the term, a blackberry thumb is well… a Blackberry thumb, or an iphone thumb, or maybe just a smartphone thumb for that matter. Too much scrolling with your thumbs has actually lead onto causing stress injuries to your thumb. And this my dear mostly leads to tendonitis. Though if the pain is excruciating, it will keep you off texting, but once you return to your good old…oops bad old habit, the pain is bound to return too. So keep up your guards and maybe, just maybe you could do with index finger scrolling too.

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