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Bitcoins facts

10 Things You Should Know About Bitcoins

Bitcoins? By now you should have heard about world's most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin unless you're still living in the 19th...

10 Things Every Naturalista Should Own

  Whether you're new, transitioning, giving it a thought or already in the game, being a naturalista is no cup of...
Everyday Habits That Are Risky To Your Health

6 Everyday Habits That Are Dangerous To Your Health

Habits are like glue. When it gets stuck, it either becomes indelible or takes forever to remove. This is why...
hings That Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Tongue Daily

5 Things That Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Tongue Daily

You brush your teeth daily. It is as white as snow. However, you don’t clean your tongue because you always...
Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

5 Easy Ways To Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, a lot of changes happen to her body. One of such changes is the appearance...

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With the notion that you are well mature enough to assimilate this bit of information, here are 10 things every...

13 Signs That Show That You Are Not In Love

When you are in love you'll know but when you think you're in love?? Umm oh well these 13 signs...

10 Simple Tips To Tell If Someone is Lying

“Everybody Lies”, as rightly said again and again by Hugh Laurie in his television series House M.D. Lying is the...

7 Things You Should Stop Doing On Social Media

Things You Should Stop Doing On Social Media Social media can be fun and very helpful too, we just can't deny...

7 Most Handsome Nigerian Governors

Recently, Nigerian states inaugurated new governors which where voted in by their respective states. Here at INFOLITED, we decided to...